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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES)

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard is here! We are working with landlords and letting agents across the UK to help them ensure properties are brought in line with MEES and other regulations. We are passionate about improving energy efficiency standards and living conditions.


Our centralised Business Development and Projects department is dedicated to assist you in the planning, management and delivery of Energy Efficiency requirements.


All of our installers and surveyors are fully trained and certified. We are regularly monitored to ensure we are fully compliant with new guidelines.

We are happy to provide our services to assist Local Authorities achieve compliance with HHSRS. Get in touch on 0333 358 3130 to find out more.

Part of the service we offer to social and private sector landlords is to help reach FHH standards. A preventative solution which helps avoid the threat of costly legal action.

Stock condition surveys are a natural progression from our other services. We like to provide our social housing partners a one stop solution to surveying and install requirements.

Visit our services page or call our customer Business Development and Projects Department on 0333 358 3130 who will happily discuss your requirements and offer a cost-effective solution.