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Funding For Rented Properties

To qualify for Government funding your tenant (s) must receive a qualifying benefit or fall within the L.A Flex criteria set by the Local Authority. The current EPC rating of the property also has an impact on what funding can be claimed as you will see from the table below:

Funding varies from property to property. The highest rates of funding are for those heated by electric heaters. Typically, electrically heated properties can have any measure installed without charge. However, we would need to conduct a property survey and will advise you if there is any need for you to contribute towards the cost of the work.

No. Sadly to qualify for ECO funding the property must be occupied and in a habitable condition.

Privately rented properties do qualify for some heating funding however typically the funding will only cover around 50% of the install cost so there would be a need to contribute towards the new boiler, however still at a massively reduced cost!

You are not obligated to pay towards the cost of any energy improvement work that we quote you for. However the Government have introduced an expectation for landlords to spend up to £3,500 on energy efficiency improvement works. In most cases we offer the most cost-effective solution to improve your properties energy efficiency.